vendredi 12 décembre 2008

Christmas Tri... (tree)

Conversation about the Xmas tree...

He said: we should get a Christmas tree this year
She said: yes, we should! Devin will love it. Let's get a real one!
He said: I don't particulary encourage cutting down trees that people are only going to use for one month and then throw away.
She said: (nothing - I mean, what can she really say to THAT?)

He's my tree hugger as much as I am his (inside joke!)

While decorating the tree, Devin found these 2 birds. He named them "Mama Bird" and "Devin Bird", this is exactly how he placed them on the tree:

So there was no papa bird (I hadn't anticipated Devin's reaction)... I went to the store the day after and bought a third bird... now the whole family can reside on a white Christmas tree for the rest of the year!

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